• Get with the program

    Obamacare isn't perfect, but our current health insurance system is in terrible shape. It's better to offer access to insurance to more people, so those of us with insurance don't pay the costs for those who lack it. Ultimately it costs more when sick people don't get care they need because they can't afford it, and wind up waiting til they're critical and seek emergency treatment. Affordable care should be open to all in America.

  • Yes, states should work with Obamacare, not against it.

    Yes, a working healthcare system requires cooperation. Therefore, states should be working with Obamacare to determine the best way to implement and run it, for the states and for the residents. Before Obamacare too many people did not have access to insurance. Now nobody can be denied, which is a great thing. Working together will make Obamacare even better.

  • Yes, state should embrace Obamacare.

    Yes, state should embrace Obamacare because there is no sense in fighting it anymore. All of the studies have shown that Obamacare benefits those who need health insurance. While Republicans have tried to discount it for political reasons, the truth is this: Obamacare has saved far more people than it has hurt.

  • We should keep looking at it

    I support Obamacare, but in any program of this size and expense, no state should just simply embrace it without making sure that it fits their needs. It can't be tailored to fit everyone, but it is a relatively new program that rightly should undergo changes if it needs to be fixed.

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