Officers cleared of excessive force complaints: Should there be an external group to verify police excessive force findings?

  • Yes, there should be an external group.

    Yes, an external group would be more fair and balanced. They would be able to take an objective look at the allegations and the incidents that led to the allegations. This step could help prevent more tragedies like the shootings of the black men that happened in LA and in Minnestota.

  • Yes, an external group is needed.

    Yes, I agree that there should be an external group to verify excessive force findings. They should act almost as a jury would in that they should be made up of different backgrounds and unbiased opinions in order to reach the most unbiased conclusions when looking at excessive force complaints.

  • Yes, current events and those in the recent past prove that the system is broken.

    There are a growing number of incidents clearly detailing excessive force and brutality on the part of the police, yet they have faced no consequences whatsoever, despite the overwhelmingly incriminating evidence. This means that the system put in place to judge these incidents is not fair and just; it is biased so heavily in favor of the police that it commits regular gross miscarriages of justice. An external group might help level the playing field so that justice can be served.

  • Yes, there should be an external group.

    When a police officer is accused of using excessive force against a suspect, there should be an external group that verifies the investigations findings into whether or not force was justified. Many law enforcement officers are cleared of using excessive force only to be caught using excessive force again. Therefore, it would be better if police departments used an external group to determine whether or not a police officer acted appropriately during a confrontation with a suspect.

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