OHSU's HIV Vaccine Trials: Is testing vaccines on humans using live viruses a terrible idea?

  • Yes, using live viruses could have unforseen consequences.

    Yes, using live viruses as vaccines in humans to prevent other viruses is a bad idea as this type of testing could result in further infection by a type of "super virus," a strain of a virus manipulated by pathologists to prevent sickness with adverse and unexpected effects. If we somehow accidentally create such a virus that develops symptoms and a high infection rate, we could be creating a potentially disastrous situation for the world.

  • No we need human trials

    I think the only way we will actually know for sure a vaccines success is to use the vaccines on humans during trials. I understand the risks associated to untested medicine, however it will be the only true way to get results. Those who are part of the studies will be made aware of the risks.

  • Because OHSU's HIV vaccine trials require voluntary consent, the testing is not problematic.

    While many people may be skeptical about a trial that involves individuals being exposed to a live HIV virus, it is important to remember that these individuals will have volunteered to participate in this study. This means that they will be fully aware of both the risks and benefits of their participation. This will not, by any means, be a matter of forced participation. Being so, we should respect the decision of these individuals and also feel grateful to them for their bravery and sacrifice to help find a solution to a major health crisis.

  • Importance of Vaccine Trial Testing

    Vaccines and testing on humans is a controversial topic in today's world. Without vaccines, without testing them out on humans, we would be living in a world where the risk of contracting Polio was high, where people would slowly die from tuberculosis because of lack of vaccines due to the inability to test them out on human subjects. The HIV Vaccine is no different. HIV and AIDS has killed over 34 million people world wide since it was first discovered. Without testing this vaccine on human subjects, that number will keep growing and there will be no sure fire way to prevent this disease from wreaking havoc, especially on the poorer parts of the world where these vaccines literally mean life or death.

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