Oklahoma police can seize your entire bank account: Should the government be able to seize your bank account without a good reason?

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  • No they should not

    There is too much of a profit motive for them to be able to get away with such a scheme. Whenever money is involved, corruption is not far behind. Money should not be taken unless it can be directly proved it was gained illegally. Anything is pure speculation on the part of the police.

  • They shouldn't be allowed to seize anything without good reason

    I do not know much about this subject, but I'm sure Oklahoma police cannot just simply seize someone's bank account just because they feel like it. However, I do not believe the government should have any right to take anyone's property unless they have a good reason. That infringes on people's basic rights.

  • No, it is really shady and invades privacy

    They shouldn't be able to, it's a really, really shady activity that only gives them more profit by stealing it from you. They should have a good reason to be able to question your income and ask for verification, but even then, they shouldn't be able to just seize your bank account unless you're a felon or a similar very good reason is present.

  • Government should not be able to seize accounts

    I don't think the government should be able to seize my bank account without a good reason. If they are able to do this, it makes me feel like I should avoid having a bank account and just keep all my cash on my person or hidden in my house. This is very unsafe for myself, and for society as well.

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