Olympian medical data leaked: Should Olympians medical data be public?

  • Yes, Olympians should be transparent about their medical history

    It takes true talent and sheer effort to qualify for the Olympics. Each Olympian who wins a medal earns great fame and honor not only for himself/herself but also for his/her country. The Olympics however is not a place to showcase medical miracles. An athlete should be credited and awarded for his innate ability and not for his pill-popping abilities. Hence I agree that the Olympian medical data should be made public as a true Olympian would have nothing to hide.

  • Olympian medical data should not be made public

    Just because athletes are Olympians, it does not mean that their medical records should be made public. It is nobodies business what medical conditions or background and athlete has. That is private information that should remain completely private and the only people who should see those medical records are Olympic officials, and only in the capacity of running the Olympics.

  • No, olympian medical data should not be public

    No, Olympian medical data should not be public. No one's medical data should be public. Medical data is something that is private and it should only be disclosed to people of the patient's choice. No one else needs to know about any medical conditions people suffer from. That is ludicrous.

  • No, it should not.

    Olympians deserve the same right to privacy that everyone else has. There is no reason why it should be leaked to the public. Not only can it lead to discrimination in their everyday lives, they should not have to share all of their struggles with the members of the public.

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