Olympic swimmers' destructive night on the town: Should the U.S. pay reparations to Rio for the actions of its athletes?

  • Olympic athletes represent their country

    When an Olympic athlete wins a medal, the entire country shares in the celebration and pride. In the case of the Olympic swimmers who vandalized property while in Rio, the country should also pay for the damage done. These athletes represent their country either for good or bad when they go to the Olympics.

  • It's called 'personal responsibility.

    The idea that there are large groups of people running around, wringing their hands and wailing in despair in need of reparation for the actions of a couple of drunks at a gas station is ridiculous. Can you imagine the reparations America would be due then as a result of the terrorist activities of ThugLivesMatter? These idiots in Rio need to be held accountable for their behavior. They got off pretty easy as far as I can tell, but that was the decision of the Brazilian authorities. And this is unrelated, but what is up with athletes competing at that level, and sabotaging their performance with excessive drinking? Can you imagine what they could do if they were more careful with their health?

  • The swimmers control their own actions

    The swimmers control their own actions. I do NOT control their actions so I should NOT have to foot the bill. The only way the US should pay for it is if the US is allowed to pay for it entirely by fining the swimmers, and then giving the fine money to Rio.

    Furthermore not everyone in Rio had their property damaged. The money should go to the gas station owners, not the city of Rio.

  • The athletes should pay

    Its their fault not ours. They should pay for it. We should not suffer for their actions. We did not cause them to do that. They need to suffer the consequences of their own actions. They chose to do that so they can deal with it. Cant do the time don't do the crime,

  • Swimmer Should Be Personally Liable

    While the United States Olympic Team certainly could have investigated deeper into the integrity of their athletes, there is no sure fire way that they could have known or expected to predict this type of behavior. The athletes involved made a choice and should be held personally liable for the consequences as set forth by Brazilian law.

  • The athletes should pay reparations

    The athletes themselves have behaved badly and shown poor decision making skills. They should be the ones apologizing and paying for the damage they have caused. The USA should not stand behind their actions, and should make very well known that they are against the actions these men have taken.

  • The Olypmic swimmers should pay for their own actions.

    If the United States government picks up the tab for the debauchery and recklessness of these athletes, it sends the wrong message to the men involved. The group should assume responsibility for their actions and pay reparations. If the United States government pays the reparations on their behalf, it says the athletes are above the law and justice is not served.

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