One shot during protests over officer-involved shooting. Have protesters gotten out of hand?

  • Protesters have gotten out of hand

    Protesters have gotten out of hand in North Carolina. This has escalated to violence, which is never the solution. It is also counterproductive to the cause. The case needs to work its way through the justice system. In the meantime, a peaceful protest will achieve more, while also gaining the media's attention.

  • Militarization of Population and Law Enforcement Goes Too Far

    Protestors as well as law enforcement dread the sound of gun shots at any time except on the firing range. Another life lost to the use of the gun. The gun that's supposed to save a life, protect a life and property. It goes back to the coursed both licensed civilians and law enforcement must sit thru, touted as beneficial by the Department of Homeland Security. The "active shooter" classes now publicly available combined with the antagonism by the media to sell advertising time fuels angst and fear. Stop the fear, stop the killing.

  • Yes, protesters have gotten out of hand.

    This one is easy to answer... Protesters are absolutely out of hand in their actions but I have to think most have just cause to be upset and protesting. It is not just the protesters who have taken things to a dangerous and life-threatening level but the law as well. Due to the rash of unfortunate and tragic shootings that are growing to be almost common place, the country is over-reacting and aggravating the situation to make tings even worse.

  • The protests are out of hand.

    The entire BLM movement is full of sh*t. They'll shoot each other at protest rallies, burn down their own neighborhoods and loot stores....Because it has so much to do with the "epidemic" of cops "hunting down black youth and executing them".

    Meanwhile, they're allowed to hide behind false accusations of racism while they themselves spread a message of Ethnocentrism and black on white violence.

  • No, protesters have not gotten out of hand

    It is the police and other law enforcement who are out of hand. Protests have erupted with violence, not because of the protesters but of the overreaction of police involved. People have been jailed, tear gassed, and even killed while protesting police brutality. Protesters have more than enough right to be outraged by killer cops, who are rarely punished for their crimes.

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