Oregon's Devon Allen advances to semifinals in 110-meter hurdles. Do you think he will the gold medal?

  • He can do it!

    Devon has a tough field to face, but I think that he can bring home the gold in the 100-meter hurdles. This is his event, and he had plenty of practice this year and training through college meets. Even if he doesn't win gold this year, he'll be back in 4 years to do it.

  • Rose Bowl Win to Olympic Gold!

    Devon Allen has the stamina, and the persistence to achieve the gold medal! The torn ACL that he suffered from during his Rose Bowl victory, will not hold him back from showing the world his speed and leaping skill. Devon has proven to us that he can, and will achieve the honor of winning the Gold!

  • Devon Allen has proven himself and will get the gold medal

    Devon Allen has yet again proven himself as being a very capable runner and all-around athlete. While his competition this year is indeed very stiff, Devon Allen has the experience and drive to succeed and obtain the gold medal for the event. He has completed the events leading up too the semifinals in apparent ease, so clasping the victory shouldn't be very difficult for him.

  • Yes, Devon Allen will win the gold medal in the 110 meter hurdles.

    Devon Allen is an excellent runner who is going into the final races after a strong win in the 110 meter hurdles. He did very well on a wet, messy track and has shown that he can excel under difficult conditions. His wins give him a strong momentum to push for the gold medal.

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