Orlando gay nightclub shooting: 50 killed. Fifty dead is terrible. But, why declare a state of emergency? Is it likely to get worse?

  • It was Targeted

    The Pulse nightclub shooting was targeted. Not by a foreigner, but by an American with mental health issues. I'll get back to that later. In order to address the violence facing the LGBTQ+ community, we must acknowledge that this was a targeted shooting. The fact that it was a gay club was not random, it was what provoked the shooting. The shooter was a US born homophobe.
    Now, the shooter had mental issues. We, as a country, must tackle mental health with a more tactacal strategy. A majority of Americans have mental illness throughout their lives. It is an issue that needs to be addressed.
    Lastly, this could snowball. Sure, this time it may be fifty, but next time it's seventy, eighty, one hundred. The Pulse shooting, and the victims, must be remembered.

  • Maybe an overreaction,

    But doing nothing would just encourage more attacks.
    What I find ridiculous is how Obama blames the lack of gun laws and shifting the blame from extremists. Think about it. If your going to kill a number of people, do you really care if the gun you have is legal or not? If you look at it another way, what if people in a security role for the club had guns. They may have been able to reduce the body count or prevented it from happening in the first place. Problem is, Obama doesn't want to upset any Muslims so doesn't want to single out any group for fear of being painted as being prejudice of religion. To avoid this more relative yet risky path, he diverts attention away from religious ones and blaming guns instead.
    Look, guns are just a tool with no will of their own. Fire can heat a home or burn it down. A nuclear reaction can power a city or destroy it. A gun can protect and provide food for a family or kill them. The real problem is, the hands that hold the tool.
    Sure, this gun related event is one of the most deadly in recent times but is minor by comparison to the thousands who lost their lives in 9/11. Question: How many guns were involved in the 9/11 attacks?

  • Yes, we should declare a state of emergency.

    I have heard there were more than one gunman at the nightclub. I think there may be more shooters out there that the media is not broadcasting. I think declaring a state of emergency will help prevent this event from recurring. It may be a perfect opportunity for someone else to attack.

  • Shooting in gay nightclub indicates state of emergency

    The United States was rocked when the gay nightclub Pulse was the target of a deadly killing spree. Following this disaster, a state of emergency has been declared, and rightly so. We can no longer ignore the threat of domestic terrorism, and with a state of emergency, the more drastic security measures we need will finally be implemented.

  • Yes it's going to get worse. Yes it's going to get worse. Yes it's going to get worse. Yes it's going to get worse. Yes

    It's going to get worse much worse so worse you wish the worse was worse than the worst to come , rump a pump pum I am the drummer boy, ahoy, no you, don't play, go gay, go die, you choose , eye sigh, hi to the hello, now you toast to being jello.

  • It is for support

    The reason a state of emergency was declared, as explained by the governor of Florida, is so that all resources needed are immediately available. There are a lot of things to sort out and deal with in a tragedy like this, and by declaring a state of emergency, the state government can immediately go in and help the local level law enforcement agencies.

  • No, probably not

    Fifrty dead is terrible, but there is no point in declaring a state of emergency, it will only cause unnecessary panic, and subsequently hate crimes will increase. It's not likely to get worse, it could, but there could have been a plot after this irregardless of this incident. It was obviously a hate crime by one sick individual.

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