Over 4.8 million people starving in South Sudan: Should the other governments of the world step in to end this crisis?

  • At the end of the day we're all human.

    Governments should do what ever it takes to support poorer countries and help them grow into something bigger unfortunately most governments are selfish and power hungry but as I just said most are some aren't hopefully the people in South Sudan will get the aid they deserve the aid that they need.

  • The South Sudan needs international help

    We enjoy the benefits and experience the challenges of a global economy. For the most part, we are better from living in a global community. We should all work together to end human rights abuses in other countries and help those who are starving. Leaders from other countries should take steps to provide aid to those starving in South Sudan.

  • Yes, other countries should step in and help.

    Yes, other countries should work together to help end the crisis in South Sudan. It is my belief that we should help other countries because we are all part of this world. The continuing famine is causing increasing violence and tearing the country apart. The destabilization of South Sudan can have future ramifications for other parts of the continent and the world. It must stop.

  • Other nations should step-up to help South Sudan

    Other nations around the world should step up and help the South Sudan people. The country has 4.8 million people starving, which can be solved by other governments organizing efforts with relief efforts. There is enough food in the world to provide to these people, and no one should have to starve.

  • Governments of the world should feel free to help starvation in south Sudan

    Governments of the world should feel free to help starvation in south Sudan. However, no government should be forced to assist under any circumstances. It always seems that the United States is the one left holding the bag, that is the financial burden, of addressing these kinds of concerns. For our part, we cannot afford this.

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