Over 40 tornadoes were reported over a 2 day stretch. Do you expect this to increase due to global warming?

  • Comes with climate change

    Erratic weather does seem to accompany climate change, which would make sense. Tornadoes typically don't occur in cold weather. With global warming, we are seeing warmer weather trends and more unstable atmospheres, which lend to the formation of weather events such as tornadoes. I'm not surprised to see an increase in these weather occurrences.

  • Yes, this will continue to increase.

    The unprecedented wintertime tornado outbreak is most likely a result of climate change. Yes, there have always been tornadoes that occur during all times of the year. However, it is extremely rare to experience a multi-day tornado outbreak which results in 40 tornadoes, during the winter. As our climate continues to change, the amount of severe storms will increase.

  • Yes, i agree

    This is possible. Tornadoes may actually increase due to the global warming. This global warming is occurring due to the human activities. We humans should regulate such activities that lead to global warming which affect the ozone layer and lead to the calamities such as tornadoes. If this is not done, then the tornadoes will increase.

  • Weather just happens.

    There is no way that global warming produces tornadoes. An increase in heat alone doesn't cause tornadoes to just happen. Instead, there have to be specific storms in the atmosphere that cause the right conditions to develop. Global warming is not significant yet, and it's a stretch to blame it on tornadoes.

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