Pakistan has argued that there are virtues to terrorists. Are they correct?

  • Yes, terrorists can have virtues.

    Yes, it is possible that terrorists can be considered as having virtues. While their moral beliefs may not be the same as those of others, morals fall on a spectrum, and each person subscribes to their own set of beliefs. Terrorists simply have morals that are not in line with others.

  • No, terrorism is a horrible practice.

    Terrorism is a horrible practice an must be stopped. By arguing against the UN Pakistan has shown that they do not believe in or want peace, and are only a part of the organization out of neccessity. There are better ways of ending conflicts and protecting your people than with terrorism.

  • They are wrong.

    Pakistan is absolutely crazy in claiming that their are virtues to terrorists. However, this terrible statement is not surprising coming from a company who has long protected terrorists to further their own interests. Terrorists need to be eliminated, not coddled or praised for their dedication. They are the world's biggest danger.

  • Terrorists should not be viewed favorably in any situation

    Pakistan seems to believe that terrorists have "virtues." They are completely wrong: terrorists exist to cause fear and public unrest. Terrorist incidents create social disturbances which is not virtuous behavior in the least. No one should support terrorism or paint terrorists in a favorable light as martyrs with a positive cause.

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