• Oops wrong button

    Even though pancakes are ok, waffles are better, they have more texture. But it is not my job to decide if you like pancakes more, it is up to you, but I encourage you to try good homemade waffles, I know some of you just have tried eggo store bought waffles, but homemade ones are eay better.

  • I believe that pancakes are better!

    First of all pancakes have a smother surface. That makes it easier to spread butter, jam, or jelly. Pancakes can be fluffy or crunchy depending on the way you like them. With waffles you don't have a lot of variety on the way you cook them. Finally, I believe pancakes are better than waffles.

  • YES I like

    They are so good,,, I always get a big boner. Every time I beat my meat I jiz sooo much and I also cum all over my mom when I eat pancakes, yes yes esy yes yes yes CUM yes yes yes yes yes I have a big cock bitch

  • Pancakes better than waffles (no more needed)

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  • Pancakes better than waffles (no more needed)

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  • Pancakes are so much better

    Okay, everybody, pancakes are obviously superior. They are fluffy and soft, while waffles are crunchy. In waffles, the syrup gets caught in those little holes and it is impossible for it to be evenly spread. Pancakes are, in fact, the mother of waffles and crepes, and you should always support your elders (: The only way that waffles can become comfort food is riding on the back of fried chicken, while pancakes are one of the best comfort foods there are. It is nearly impossible to create perfect stacks of waffles-- if you try to put jelly and cream in the middle it just sinks into those infernal holes. Whereas with pancakes, you can make such gorgeous creations as the Caramel BonBon stacks. Look it up. Amazing. And as Link said, waffles TORTURE ORPHANS

  • Pancakes reign supreme!

    I knew this would happen one day on debate.Org... No one in there right minds would think that an annoying and high maintenance waffle could surpass the greatness of a pancake. Have you ever seen someone stack a waffle, didn't think so. I want all the pro-wafflers to know hear out this question, In what way is a waffle better than a pancake. Pancakes are easier to make, require less resources, can be made multiple at one time, allow for creative designs and taste better with any topping. Answer me that and I will welcome any pro-waffler to a debate. I am calling you out LordWafflester!!!!!

  • Waffles are Wonderful, but Pancakes are Perfect

    The holes in a waffle make them very difficult to cut, where as a pancake's surface is smooth and easy. Another benefit of this helpful smooth surface is where a waffle's holes (if cut perfectly, which is extremely hard) are somewhat able to hold syrup, sugar on waffles isn't as easy, when it is easy as pie on a pancake. They both pretty much taste the same, so the answer falls on the smooth surface or holes, and as you can see, smooth surface is better.

  • Pancakes are the best option

    Pancakes are much better because you can stack them to get as filled as you want. Also you can make pancakes much faster and you can make them at the same time. Plus waffles are much more high maintenance because you have to have some sort of waffle iron, do you ever see anyone cooking waffles in the wilderness. Those darn pro-wafflers cant see the true beauty of the majestic pancake so bring it on Satan lovers!

  • How are waffles better?

    I mean seriously, pancakes are superior and necessary to society and waffles are general pointless to life. Waffles are like deformed, too crunchy, and I could go on and on but I'm really not in the mood because pancakes are obviously better and I don't see how anyone is disagreeing.

  • Waffles are superior

    As Lord Wafflester, on behalf of the pro-waffle community I present the following arguments:

    -The holes on a waffle provide proper transportation for syrup and other toppings
    -The waffle is resilient and doesn't absorb butter and syrup as easily making it more tasty and the syrup and butter don't go to waste
    -Waffles are more filling, unlike Pancakes which are only for the fat rich people who don't want to spare a waffle to the poor starving folks in Africa
    -Jesus preffered Waffles, yes it's true Neil DeGrasse Tyson proved that when Jesus ascended to Heaven he held a plate with half of a waffle on it

    Why you're arguments are invalid and somewhat confusing:
    -"The luscious and almighty Pancake was crafted by the beard of Zeus" everyone knows the Greek Gods were BS, the roman gods are actually a reality though
    -"Waffles are fake and jealous" umm what? What reason would Waffles have to be jealous. They are obviously way sexier than pancakes
    - Their are so many other stupid things you said but I am out of energy from your ignorance to take the roman gods name in vain, Just in case you didn't know the roman gods ( our almighty saviors) their names are Jesus, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Morgan Freeman, Gordon Freeman, Ares, Buddha, Gandhi, Muhammad, Sweet Brown, Adolph Hitler and last but not least Patrick Star

    Your welcome for your enlightenment ,
    Yours Truly, Lord Wafflester

  • Are you for serious?

    Anyone who believes waffles are not better than pancakes have never had a true home-cooked waffle. All the schmucks on the pancake side have only had those crappy waffle house waffles or the store-bought eggo waffles. Real waffles have a crispy buttery delicious outside and a tasty doughy inside that mixes with the syrup and any other add-ins to give a taste that is way beeter than those stupid pancakes. Waffles Forever!

  • Belgian Sugar Waffles

    If you're not certain that waffles are better, I recommend trying traditional belgian sugar waffles. You can get all kinds of amazing fillings and the sugar pearls make the perfect little sweet crunch in the softness of the nice doughy waffles. Even regular waffles hold butter and syrup better than pancakes, with all their nooks and crannies, which also give them a superior texture. As a final bonus, you can cook a lot of different things in a waffle iron, and waffling improves upon every single one.

  • I like waffles

    They are really good. Like really good. Like wow they are like the brst breakfast ever. Espevially if you put on syrup and strawberris and bluberries and theyre super good super super super extremely super super super incredibly super wonderful delicious super tasty.
    Also you can make them much faster.

  • I prefer waffles

    I like pancakes and I like waffles. I like my waffles and pancakes with jelly, honey or butter. I like making waffle sandwiches to. I like waffles more because you can use the dents to get lots of syrup and honey and jelly in. I also think they taste better even though they're made of the same ingredients as pancakes

  • What he said

    The comment above me sums up my entire thought process behind the supreme decision that waffles beat pancakes every time. Ive eaten waffles every single day of my life for 13 years straight. I also like pancakes but LordWafflester made me agree with him for obvious reasons yeah yeah yeah

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