Parents kill pregnant woman near Lahore for marrying man of choice: Does the World need to do more protect women against violence?

  • Yes they do.

    Women all over the world are mistreated and nobody does anything to stop. We need better laws in place to protect women from the senseless violence they are subjected to on a daily basis. We need to put an end to this senselessness and bring order to the world because this is 2016.

  • Yes, the World needs to do more to protect women against violence.

    Women around the world are still not guaranteed basic rights, including that of free will. Exercising any such rights can mean great bodily harm or death to women such as those near Lahore. In other places, female circumcision is still a serious issue, women are attacked for wanting to seek an education, and rape culture gives judicial favor and the benefit of the doubt to the rapist instead of the victim. World powers should not only protect women by outlawing harmful practices but also work to enforce those laws and punish those who break them.

  • Yes, more needs to be done to protect women from violence.

    The World does need to do a lot more to protect women from violence. There are still many societies and governments that oppress women. No woman should be killed for marrying the man of her choice. These parents should be charged with murder and convicted for their crime. Any crime against women should be prosecuted throughout the World. In short, the World must do more to protect women's rights.

  • Yes it should

    The world should do more to protect EVERYBODY against violence, however, not just women. There is no room for sexist attitudes when it comes to protection against violence. The world needs to all come together as PEOPLE not just as men and women. Let's get with it people, protect each other.

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