• Yes parents didn't take care of their son

    They failed and didn't get their child the medical attention needed, it is the parents job to put their child before themselves and everything else, you brought this child into this world, it's your job to take care of them and give then what they need. And they neglected thier child instead of taking care of the needs of their child. So yes, they are guilty

  • Yup they definitely were

    Where they live (coincidentally, where I live too) parents are required to care for their children in a manner that places their child's health above their religious beliefs. If the authorities had been made aware of the child's condition and that the parents were refusing to get medical help,, the child would have been removed from their home and they still would have been charged with negligence causing harm. So, regardless of whether the child died or not, their choice to ignore medical needs (in a country where medical if free none the less!) is criminal and they are guilty.

  • They are guilty.

    I think that the parents who were sentenced for their child's death from meningitis are guilty. They had their chance in a court of law, and now they have to pay for their horrific crime. Parents have the responsibility to protect their kids and keep them safe. This is an awful story, but justice has been served.

  • Yes, parents who let son die of meningitis are guilty

    When it comes to the health and safety of an individual, especially when that person is a child under the care of an adult, no nonsense should be allowed in regards to medical practices. In this sad case, an innocent child's life could have been saved had the parents been decided to vaccinate, something they chose not to believe in. Many religions and beliefs oppose things like vaccines, but there is one overriding fact that should turn towards vaccinating- and that is life. I believe no matter what the religious belief, a health standard and practice should always come first, as our bodies and physical specimen are a tangible asset in life as opposed to religion/spirituality, which although important, is not physical nor a necessity to human life.

  • The parents' negligence contributed to their son's death.

    The boy who died was a toddler who was totally dependent on his parents for medical care. A family friend who was a nurse told the parents that the boy had meningitis and they still did nothing. Even when the boy stopped breathing, the parents didn't call 911. Parents need to protect their children.

  • No, parents cannot give their child an illness.

    I believe that the parents are not guilty. The parents cannot give their child an illness. The can not prevent their child from catching the meningitis. They should have tried to get their child as much medical attention as possible, but I believe that they cannot be found guilty due to their child's illness.

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MasturDbtor says2016-06-27T18:33:16.100
What were the visible symptoms before he stopped breathing? If it just looked like a regular cold then you can forgive the parents for not taking their kid into the doctor right away. If the kid had more serious symptoms such as vomiting blood I'd say the parents should've known to take the kid to the doctor immediately.