Should parents be held accountable for their children's misconduct?

  • Think carefully before having children

    It is every human's right to have children and as many or as few as they please. However it is important to remember that this choice is more important than getting a goldfish. It is a huge responsibility to the child and to the rest of society. In severe situations parents may need help, but they should always be responsible for doing everything in their power to get that help. Until that child is an adult and can make decisions as rationally as any other adult their parents have a duty to protect, raise, and take some accountability in their role in that child's behavior good or bad.

  • Yes sometimes they should.

    To an extent a parent is responsible when their child is misbehaving and acting out, it is their job to make sure the child is respectable and understands how to act in society. However, I do not think it lands solely on the parents. Some children just do not get it and need more help.

  • Yes, parents should be held accountable for children's misbehavior.

    If a child misbehaves to such a degree that it causes a problem, such as a legal issue or by hurting another child, certainly the parents should be held accountable. They need to better discipline their children, and perhaps keep a better eye on them. As an example, if a teen is repeatedly breaking the local curfew, then the parents need to be held responsible for the fact that their teen isn't being observed well enough and is able to slip out of the house.

  • Parents should be held accountable for their children's misconduct

    Parents should be held accountable for their children's misconduct. This is because they are the parent and legal guardian of the child. The child is under their responsibilities until they reach the adult age of 18. This also means that the parents should be held responsible for their actions until they are 18.

  • In general, yes.

    In most cases parents should be held accountable for their children's misconduct. There are some times when a child may do something that is totally unpredictable and no fault of the parents. In most cases, though, parents should be involved enough in their children's lives that they should be able to control bad behavior.

  • Yes, parents should be held accountable.

    Children that are young and under the age of eighteen are still under the direct supervision and influence of their parents. They will act like their parents and many times do what they see their parents doing. This is why parents need to be held accountable for their children's misconduct.

  • Children only know as much as they are taught.

    Children come into this world knowing nothing. They don't come into the world knowing write from wrong its the parents job to teach the children. If the parent doesn't teach the child right from wrong as they grow up then the child will think that mischievous behavior's are acceptable in society and most likely end up in prison so yes the parent should be help responsible for there child's actions.

  • They are born there

    Parents are responsible for children's misconduct because they have been with them right from birth they can tell their children this is bad , don't do it , it is not right, keep ringing ,followed by a little spanking if that does not work ,be strict on them like for instance a parent can tell their child
    no more t.V until you learn to stop stealing from people, if a parent don't do all these 'then the parent can be blamed for the children's misconduct.

  • Parents should he held accountable for their children's behavior.

    In general, parents are responsible for their children and need to teach them how they should behave in any situations they encounter in the world around them. Children should be taught to consult a trusted adult in the family or the immediate community whenever they are uncertain about how to act in a new situation. A lot of problems can be avoided with proper parenting and parents should be held accountable when something goes wrong.

  • Parents Should Be Held Accountable, But Only to a Certain Point.

    As a child's first teacher, and the first person to guide a child, it is part of a parent's responsibility to teach a child how to behave. They should certainly be held accountable for the actions of a child who is too young or otherwise incapable of making appropriate decisions regarding their own behavior. However, it is not fair to hold a parent accountable for the actions of an out of control teen who was taught proper behavior but chooses to act up anyway.

  • I Am Not My Child's Keeper

    I do not believe parents should be held accountable for their children's misconduct. I think as the child gets older, especially during their teen years, it is impossible for a parent to fully control them. I believe children are capable of committing crimes that their parents can not foresee or stop the child from committing.

  • This is not reasonable.

    As a parent who has had to spend the majority of their life dealing with the fallout of an out of control child, I believe that there is only so much that you can ask of someone who raises a child. To hold them responsible for everything is really not fair and does not stress personal accountability to the child.

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