Paul Ryan claims Clinton's use of her e-mail disqualifies her from being president. Are you tired of the politics being played out?

  • Yes, it is overraught.

    This political scandal is becoming a bit silly and is detracting from the issues at hand. The federal courts have decided not to prosecute Clinton for the way she used e-mail, and despite all the comments from the peanut gallery there is really nothing more to be said about the issue.

  • No, I am not tired of the political process being played out.

    No, I am not tired of the political process being played out. I agree that the manner in which Clinton misused her email should disqualify her from becoming President. She apparently lacks good judgment in the handling of classified information, which is not a good quality for a person who may serve as the President.

  • No, I am not

    It should disqualify her from being president. Or perhaps being able to commit illegal acts and cover them up might just be what is needed as the head of the most powerful nation in the world. We all know it has gone on before. Maybe we are just too accustomed to these practices but I think it is time for a change and that should start with kicking Mrs. Clinton to the curb.

  • Paul Ryan is Correct

    Hillary Clinton should have been indicted for her inappropriate use of a private e-mail server while serving as Secretary of State. FBI Director Jim Comey stated that someone in her position should have known better, and that she acted in an "extremely careless" fashion. If she can't be trusted to handle classified information as Secretary of State, how can she be trusted to do that as President?

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