People are angry with Jimmy Fallon's Trump interview: Did Fallon go too easy?

  • I don't blame Fallon though.

    What is a host supposed to do? Trump wouldn't have agreed to the interview if Fallon didn't agree to go easy on him. This is why I don't trust what the candidates say on TV shows. They are their to peddle their own agenda and the host really doesn't have the room to ask the questions that need to be asked.

  • Jimmy Fallon goes too easy on Trump

    Jimmy Fallon went too easy on Donald Trump during his interview. He did not press him on anything, and complimented his unpredictability. For instance, he did not follow up when Trump claimed it is difficult for him to prepare for the debates since there is a lot of information for hi to digest.

  • Yes, Fallon was too easy on Trump.

    Yes, Fallon was too easy on Trump because he made Trump seem like a fun, free-loving person. Trump is instead bigoted racist who should be mocked for thinking he can be president. Why did Fallon let him off the hook? No one knows yet, but Trump could have bribed him.

  • Fallon isn't there to be a reporter

    Jimmy Fallon is a comedian. He gets paid to make people tune into his show and laugh. His show is not the place for hard-hitting questions that will make Trump sweat. I thought the interview was very good, and showed a side of Trump that most people don't get to see. There are plenty of places to tune in to see Trump getting eviscerated, if that's what you're into.

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