People are talking about next season's Bachelor. Do you find the show entertaining?

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  • The Bachelor is not entertaining

    The Bachelor is not an entertaining television show. The show creates drama, but, this is all scripted and unrealistic. In addition, the people are not sympathetic or particularly nice, but rather selfish and not very likable. A show has to have interesting people to root for and against. Aside from this, The Bachelor is boring.

  • needs to go away

    The Bachelor is the most annoying show on television. It is a made up warped love story that never comes to fruition. The couples always breakup within six months after the show. It is simply reality television that has overstayed its welcome. Someone needs to come up with better programming.

  • No, I do not believe that the Bachelor is still an entertaining show

    No, I do not believe that the Bachelor is still an entertaining show. The Bachelor was great entertainment when the show first aired and it was a new concept. Since then, a number of reality shows have popped up about dating. The Bachelor no longer provides quality entertainment to viewers.

  • The Bachelor has run its course.

    I believe that a show is only good for a limited number of seasons. The Bachelor is one show that has run its course. There is no excitement left to the plot of the story because it has all been done before. People are no longer real on the show because they know that it is all for entertainment. How can anyone expect to fall in love on a television show where we know people just want to get famous?

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