People should play Video games instead of doing homework!

Asked by: eyyang0403
  • More Fun For Kids

    Kids can relax more and learn on video games. i.e. , Math video games and reflex abilities, e.T.C. Minecraft gives you the ability to be creative and play with blocks, and I have proof! Look up Minecraft Video Games and you will see 4.5 - 5 star ratings saying how good the game is for children.

  • Video games are for entertainment.

    As fun as videos games are to play, they are solely based on the purpose to play as entertainment, a luxury for those who want to take a time out. Not as as a substitute for curiccullum based education. Minecraft is a creative game but you need to be creative to play it, it doesn't magically make you a builder just because you can click on a few blocks and build a house. There is much more knowledge needed in order to build houses in reality. Some games are educational, I agree. But however educational they may be they do not surpass the education system, whereby kidd are taught by people who they can interact with and learn from.

  • Nobody would play educational video games.

    Minecraft is barely and educational game. Rocks float in minecraft, very educational is it? And what kid seriously wants to play math video games. Kids should just play normal video games. Trying to shove educational stuff into video games ruins the point of video games. Shoving educational stuff into video games will just annoy kids and make it not fun. Video games are suppose to be fun.

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