Peregrin Falcons hunt by diving over 230 mph and 'punching' their prey: are our pets safe?

  • Always a risk

    Yes, our pets are relatively safe. The chances of a peregrin falcon attacking a family pet are slim. Most pets are kept in fairly contained places near humans and other larger animals. Peregrin falcons are not likely to attack under these circumstances. Pets are always at some risk outside but very little in this case.

  • Pets small enough for Peregrin Falcons are usually indoors

    The stories of a falcon or eagle snatching a small dog from their backyard are rare. There are many breeds of dogs that probably look similar to a rabbit to birds of prey circling above. But these tiny pooches are almost always indoor pets. They seldom are outside without human protection nearby.

  • Yes, our pets are safe

    Yes, our pets are safe. Even if Peregrin Falcons hunt by diving over 230 mph and 'punching' their prey, they are not normally considered to be pets. There is nothing that would make our pets unsafe about the way in which these falcons hunt. They need to actually be pets for the question to make sense.

  • No, they are not.

    Falcons rarely attact household pets. They are fierce and agressive, but they are not looking to eat and attack larger animals. There are specific types of prey that falcons like to attack and eat, and they generally go after these. Falcons will not usually attack household pets unless provoked or they are desperate.

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