Person of Interest aired its series finale. Did you like the emotional ending?

  • I did like the emotional ending of Person of Interest.

    I believe the series finale of Person of Interest was appropriately emotional. Although the ending leaves the viewers with unanswered questions, that is fairly typical when a show is cancelled. The director's don't usually have enough warning to create an episode that answers all of the questions brought up by the series.

  • Yes, I enjoyed the series finale for Person of Interest

    I like the series finale for person of interest because I felt like it was an appropriate ending to an amazing series. While I am devastated that the series had to end, I am content with the finale because I felt like it gave me what Person of Interest has been giving for five seasons. It will be missed.

  • "Person of Interest" had fitting end to the series

    The science fiction crime drama "Person of Interest" ended its run on June 21, 2016. I think that while the ending was quite emotional, it was a fitting send-off to a series that has been full of twists and turns since the beginning. The finale closed many of the series' main story lines, which is all you can hope for when a TV show finishes.

  • That it was emotional is debatable.

    They tried. I guess. It all just seemed so forced. My biggest issues are that emotions are a result of animal instinct and survival in the natural world. That can't be programmed. Also no mention of Joss ! She was integral to the motivation of Team Machine, especially John Reese.

  • No, I did not like the emotional ending to the series finale of Person of Interest

    No, I did not like the emotional ending to the series finale of Person of Interest. Person of Interest starred a man who picked cases to work on based on a computer program. This seemed to be a good idea at first but the show became boring for lack of emotion. The finale did not help.

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