Philip Davies MP blasts "sexist" justice system for "discriminating against men." Does reverse discrimination exist?

  • Men face discrimination, too.

    I do believe that men face discrimination on our society. Every time you turn on the TV, you'll notice that men in sitcoms are portrayed as bumbling idiots. This attitude makes some women think that they are better than men. Sexism goes both ways, and men also deserve protection under the law.

  • It is a controversy tool.

    Reverse discrimination is something that was invented by straight white males who have discriminated against everybody and now feel threatened when those groups take control and turn the tables. Straight white men deserve a little discrimination after all of the crap they have done to other people. You have had your moment in the sun, now let other people have theirs and quit being stupid, you still have the privilege, get over yourself.

  • No, reverse discrimination does not exist.

    No, there is no such thing as reverse discrimination. Reverse discrimination, like reverse racism, is made up by the powerful people. Men complaining about discrimination is laughable and stupid. You can't complain about discrimination when you are the one with the most power. When women and minorities complain about discrimination, it is valid. When men and the majority complain about discrimination, it is idiotic.

  • No, reverse discrimination does not exists.

    No, reverse discrimination does not exists. It is my opinion that discrimination can only be labeled as such when the person discrimination is in a position of power that is systematically backed. Historically, women have been the ones discriminated against and as a result they have been prevented from reaching the positions that they ordinarily would have been able to. What may be labelled now as "reverse discrimination" is simply a method for righting some of the previous wrongs that had gone unpunished for so long.

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