Philippines' Rodrigo Duterte insults U.S. envoy with homophobic slur: Should Rodrigo Duterte be punished?

  • Philippines' Rodrigo Duterte should be punished

    Philippines' Rodrigo Duterte should be punished for his use of a homophobic slur to insult the U.S. envoy. While military action would be extreme, he should be made to publicly apologize. Duterte insulted not just the envoy, but homosexuals and the entire United States population. Words can create unnecessary tension, and he should be held accountable.

  • Rodrigo Duterte should be reprimanded for his homophobic comments

    While freedom of expression is important, if an individual is making hate speech towards another, they should be verbally reprimanded. As these individuals are of note to the public, these comments should be taken seriously. If Duterte is able to get away with the comments, nothing will prevent him from making them again.

  • No, freedom of speech should be maintained.

    No, Rodrigo Duterte should not be punished. What he said was horrible and insulting, but everyone should have the right to say whatever they want, even if it is insulting. The only exception to this would be if what he said was an actual threat of violence against another person.

  • Stop trying to regulating speech

    People need to stop trying to regulate speech. People should be used to insults from the time they were children. People should simply hurl insults back. There is no reason to punish people for speaking up, even if what they say is mean, rude, or considerate. Freedom of speech should be worldwide.

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