Phoebe Snetsinger spent the last years of his life bird watching: Is bird watching an exciting hobby?

  • Bird watching can be very exciting

    Personally, I enjoy bird watching, although not everyone may enjoy it. People who are very interested in bird watching often travel to find birds that are rarely sighted, and that in itself would be exciting. People who are interested in nature could learn a lot about migration patterns and feeding habits just from watching the birds at their backyard feeders, so that would be exciting to them.

  • Yes, bird watching is exciting.

    Yes, bird watching is exciting. People will never reach a unanimous agreement about what engages a person. However, there are reasons that a given hobby can be considered exciting. Bird watchers often set individual goals such as seeing an increased number of individual species in one season, finding a number of new species they've yet to sight or searching for a specific or rare species. Working towards and accomplishing a goal inherently provides a sense of accomplishment and pride. Achieving this feeling is an exciting experience.

  • Bird Watching is a hobby.

    Humans have been interested in birds since the dawn of time. So many people find it not only very enjoyable, but relaxing as well. There is so much to learn from the creatures, and so many different types, it's kind of amazing. It may seem like a boring hobby to some, but to me, it's a really great educational experience.

  • Bird watching is not an exciting hobby

    Bird watching as a hobby ranks as high on the excitement meter as watching grass grow, looking at ice while it melts, or attending a soccer game. Sorry, but there are more exciting things to do than try to rise at 2 am with the hopes of viewing the yellow breasted titmouse.

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