Pilt Carin Ersdotter the milk maid: Is the attention paid to her physical beauty in 1833 any different from Super models of modern times?

  • Beauty is the same no matter the times

    The poor girl was mobbed by people wanting to look at her. She attracted attention no matter where she went because she was beautiful. She was even arrested for causing a traffic jam in the streets because of a mob of people staring at her beauty. Sounds a lot like what happens when a supermodel walks down the street these days to me!

  • From one woman to a massive industry

    Yes - this is completely different, for the simple reason that modelling is a now a multi billion dollar industry. There are trained specialists looking for models all across the country; this girl was so stunning, or so beautiful, that she needed no marketing. She marketed herself just by being herself - how many models, honestly, would you say the same is true for today?

  • No it is not

    People have always had a fascination with beauty and rightly so. There is nothing to ashamed when admiring those who are pleasing to the eye. People need to relax and just understand that that is why beauty was created, to be appreciated by the many admirers of the beauty of the body

  • No it's no different

    Like in modern times, Pilt Carin Ersdotter, the milk maid, was exploited in exactly the same way as super models today. She was used to entertainment because of her beauty, and made money from it. She may have been small built, unlike the models of today, but if you compare the two, there are many similarities.

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