Pineapples for Christmas gifts: Should more Americans give fruit for Christmas?

  • Yes, we have become junk society.

    Pineapples as Christmas gifts is a good idea, at least we can call this a healthy Christmas. This is a good gesture that should become a norm, let embrace healthy eating. Unhealthy eating is the main cause of modern day diseases, the number of obsessed people in this nation is very high.

  • It is healthy.

    It is important to give gifts that are practical. A lot of people don't take the step to buy fruit for themselves. They would be happy to receive it as a gift. Also, fruit is an unusual gift that a lot of people will not think of to give for Christmas, so it is appreciated.

  • Yes, more Americans should give fruit for Christmas

    Yes, more Americans should give fruit for Christmas. Fruit is a good gift and something Americans have forgotten about. Giving fruit says that you not only care about the person and want to give them a gift, but that you value their health and hope they do, too. An unusual fruit could be particularly fun.

  • No, Americans should not give fruit for Christmas.

    Many feel that Americans spend too much on Christmas gifts each year. People could be just as happy if they got fewer presents, or less expensive gifts. However, Americans should not resort to giving fruit for Christmas presents. This sounds like a dumb idea. People can just cut back a little on their Christmas spending but still provide nice gifts.

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