• Ninjas are more real

    Pirates I know are real, but they just aren't as you see them in movies. In movies they are just like "ARRRGGGGG!!!", but no. They are more just like drug dealers. But ninjas, they are almost EXACTLY as they are in movies. To this day ninjas still roam Asia, but they do have katanas and also, they do still slice things in half. So in conclusion, Ninja's are more real than Pirates.

    -Matthew Ray

  • Pirates are way cooler

    Pirates don't have to live by the same rules ninjas do. As a matter of fact they don't have to listen to rules at all! Ninjas are all like "Oh sensei Master I love you please let me lick you again I just haaaave to wash your dishes" so yeah pirates are cooler (plus TMNT)

  • Pirates Trump Ninjas

    Pirates are better than ninjas because they get to work with their friends. They don't have to wear tights or pajamas to work. If a ninja didn't have a leg, s/he would be useless. A pirate without a leg is a captain! Pirates want to die with dignity while ninjas just try to run away.

  • Ninjas are way cooler than pirates.

    Think about it.
    Ninjas were refined, cultured killing machines. Pirates were savage barbarians who lived on
    boats and rarely showered. Ninjas lived
    by codes of honor conduct. Pirates were
    criminals who made a living by robbing innocent people on the high seas. In a fight, I think a ninja would beat a
    pirate. Which would you rather be?

  • They're the greatest guerrilla fighters of all time!

    They are masters of stealth. Ninjas always have tricks up their sleeves. Mostly blinding powder and throwing weapons. Contrary to popular belief, both the Ninjas and the Pirates had codes of honor. They both lived by rules. They were both criminals. The only different is that Ninjas had a lot more trained. Of mind and body. Their training is just the most intense stuff in all of the medieval world.

  • Ninjas Are Awesome :3

    Ninjas are better than pirates because, while some argue pirates don't have to go by rules, going by rules in battle keeps the battle in order and can help one think more clearly and attack accordingly. And so, ninjas are better because they think clearer and plan strategically and would totally defeat the pirates. Also, let's face it, ninjas look way cooler XD. Pirates are all old-fashioned and smell and everything else gross. Also, ninjas work in shadows and can attack without being seen while pirates just burst in there on their ships and attack. Just saying, I'm totally not serious right now but then again, is this argument? XD

    ~A thirteen year old girl

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