• Clearly they are

    Facts are facts, pitbull type dogs are dangerous, your personal experience is irrelevant, I've met only 2 so far and they have been very friendly, however as I just said personal experience is irrelevant, facts show pitbull type dogs as the most dangerous and most common in dog attacks/bites, if no alternative way can be come up with to deal with it then banning is the only option simple as that.

  • Pit bulls can be unpredictable

    As dogs and people age, they temperament sometimes changes. A Pit Bull is bred to be a fighter and that instinct is always in them. Even dogs that have been raised in loving environments by caring people can respond aggressively in situations. The temperament of Pit Bulls is different than that of other breeds.

  • They are really that dangerous

    Pit bull breeds make up an overwhelmingly high number of fatal dog attacks on humans while making up an underwhelming number of dogs in existence. I am not saying that all of these dogs are vicious, but what is known is that they are strong and can cause fatal damage when provoked or irritated. That is what makes them dangerous dogs.

  • Its the training, not the dog

    As ive seen multiple people say, the dog is not gonna attack or hurt anyone if it has been trained well, and cared for how it should be. I have an italian greyhound. According to dogtime.Com, "The Italian Greyhound has a gentle personality, loving and affectionate with family members, but often reserved or shy with strangers." and that is mostly true for my dog. Except after we got him, we learned his past owners had starved him, and not cared for him. So he barks like mad and jumps at (not biting) strangers -mostly men- . If he was cared for correctly, fed, and not in the environment he was in, hed most likely be better with strangers. Same with Pitbulls. If you treat it right, and care for it and train it, it can be the sweetest dog. But if you abuse, starve, or treat it badly, it will get the idea that all people are like that, and be dangerous.

    Tl;dr : PitBulls will only be dangerous if theyre treated badly, abused, or ignored. If theyre trained, and treated nicely, with a good, loving family, they can be amazing, sweet, caring dogs.

  • It's not the dog, it's the owner

    I think the headline for my argument says enough. Pitbulls or any type of dogs can be vicious, good etc. depending on how they are trained by their owner. An owner could train their Chihuahua to be the most vicious dog in the world and one could train a Pitbull to be the most gentle dog in the world. I really hope people understand that the owner is the dangerous one - not the dog.

  • No, not all pitbulls are incredibly dangerous.

    Pit bulls have often been in the spotlight regarding vicious attacks or dog-fighting rings, but some experts believe that it's not the dog breeds themselves that are so dangerous. According to animal rights groups, including the ASPCA, pit bulls can be well-socialized and well-trained to be gentle dogs. In fact, many are linking aggressive Pit bull behavior to the actions of the owners, wether they breed and train the dogs to fight and be aggressive, or the dogs themselves suffer from abuse and neglect. Advocates for the breed have placed the responsibility of the dog's attitudes and behavior squarely on the shoulders of the people who breed and raise the pit bulls.

  • No, a dog is only as dangerous as it's owner trains him to be.

    I disagree that Pit Bulls are inherently dangerous. While all dog breeds have certain characteristics and traits unique to their breed, saying a dog breed is dangerous is similar to labeling a child as a threat to society simply because he has a violent father. Historically, Pit Bulls have been used as fighting dogs and many people associate this breed to fighters. But Pit Bulls can also be sweet and gentle dogs if they are not exposed to that lifestyle. It takes training to raise any dog to be nice, just as it takes training to raise any dog to be dangerous.

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