Pizza Hut manager saves lives during tornado: should he get an award for his bravery?

  • Definitely. He's a heroe

    The Pizza Hut manager should not only get an award for bravery, he should also get a reward. I'm sure the tornado has shut down his shop and will adversely affect his income so a small reward would help him along with his family. We really have to pull together and help people like this during a time of need. It will encourage others to do the right thing.

  • Pizza Hut manager should be rewarded

    A manager of a Pizza Hut franchise in Joplin, Kentucky, made headlines when he bravely used his store to shelter many people from the horrific tornado that swept through his town. This is an incredible act of heroism that should be rewarded with a medal or some other similar honor.

  • Yes, to appreciate him.

    The Pizza Hut manager who saved lives during tornado should get an award for his bravery. In such a situation most people would think about themselves and run away to safety grounds, but not for him. He put his lif on the line for the sake of people who are not even his family and for that reason, his great act of humanity should be honored

  • No, because firemen and police officers don't get awards for performing normal duties.

    While what the Pizza Hut manager did was extremely admirable and commendable, it would be an overreaction to give him an award for his actions. He deserves praise and recognition, but police officers and firemen do what he did every single day and don't get nearly as much recognition for their actions.

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