Pokemon go relaunched: do you think this incarnation will be a success?

  • Yes, it will be a success.

    Pokemon is a highly successful tv show, movie series, and video game with millions of fans. Everything they do is highly anticipated. This relaunch is sure to be successful, both with fans of the series who are interested in the nostalgia factor, and new fans who have never played Pokemon go before.

  • Pokemon Go sure to be a success

    Judging by early reactions and the fact that fans from regions where the game has not yet been released have been rushing to download unsupported versions of the game in their own country I think that it is safe to say that the latest incarnation of the Pokemon franchise is going to be a success.

  • Yes, a Pokemon relaunch would be a success.

    It seems as time goes on people are becoming increasingly nostalgic. We are embracing things from the past and many things are being restored into a version from our time now. We are seeing things from the 90's come back to life, whether it be television shows or games or even the way people dressed. Pokemon was a big deal back in the day and I think that bringing it back would be a great success, because of how popular it used to be.

  • Yes, this incarnation of Pokemon Go will be successful.

    Yes, this incarnation of Pokemon Go will succeed. The game is already popular, and its availability as an app on iOS and Android should make it very successful, especially when it is released in the U.S. and in Japan. Users in those two countries have been told to expect the release to occur soon.

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