• Yes, Pokemon GO is putting children in dangerous situations.

    The new hit game Pokemon GO is becoming a dangerous preoccupation to many of the people who are now playing it. Becoming distracted on the street while playing the game puts people at risk of being in an accident or putting them in the position of allowing someone to accost them. Incidentally, the idea of playing in pairs might mitigate this risk, while at the same time remove some of the self-preoccupation from the activity.

  • No, PokemonGo is not putting children in danger

    No, PokemonGo is not putting children in danger. Children should be monitored while playing the game so that they do not go places that they should not but children should be monitored anytime that they are out of the house. there is no reason to beleive that PokemonGo is dangerous to children.

  • No, PokemonGo is not putting children in danger.

    PokemonGo is an app that encourages kids and adults to go outside and exercise. Pokemon spawn in crowded public areas, such as parks and busy towns. It is not the fault of a game if people ignore common sense and walk in unsafe areas. It is up to the player to pay attention to where they are going and to their surroundings.

  • PokemonGo does not endanger children

    PokemonGo is the latest fad. Children and others are obsessively playing it today, but soon it will give way to the next fad. Children are not endangered by playing this game any more than anything else they might experience. Everyone should just play the game and enjoy it until the next big thing comes along.

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