Police have stated the Baton Rouge gunman targeted officers. Should the Black Lives Matter movement be held accountable for these shootings?

  • Yes, the Black Lives Matter movement should be held accountable for these shootings.

    The recent surge in violence against police officers is partially a result of the threatening rhetoric by many of the Black Lives Matter movement. Some of the Black Lives Matter protesters have called for police killings during demonstrations. Furthermore, the organization's leaders often spread misinformation about law enforcement. Therefore, anyone promoting violence within the Black Lives Matter organization should be held responsible for violence against police officers.

  • No, BLM should not be held accountable. T

    These men are lone gunmen. Just because they are black does not mean that they were ever associated with the Black Lives Matter movement. Not only that, but the Black Lives Matter movement is a non-violent movement and has disavowed these men. It would be like blaming all white people for Timothy McVeigh.

  • accountability goes to gunman

    The Black Lives Matter movement has become an easy scapegoat for every and anything that goes wrong along racial lines. The Baton Rouge gunman was an ex marine who went haywire and shot and killed three officers. It was not done during a march or rally. He drove down from Missouri, which shows premeditation and planned his attack. He obviously had mental issues, possibly PTSD and became unhinged. No one else is responsible for the heinous choice he made.

  • Black Lives Matter wasn't involved in the Baton Rouge shooting

    Rumors have come out that members of the Black Lives Matter were involved in the deadly shooting of several police officers that took place in Baton Rouge. Newspapers have debunked this claim, as have local Louisiana police officers. Both have stated that the gunman acted alone and was not driven by any specific agenda.

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