Police in Florida shoot an autistic man's caretaker. Did the police overreact?

  • Yes, the police overreacted by shooting the caretaker.

    Wow! I am absolutely at loss to see how anyone could support the senseless shooting of Charles Kinsey, the unarmed caretaker who was doing his best to calm his autistic patient. The poor shot victim was only worried about the man he was caring for who had threatened to kill himself with what turned out to be a toy truck. The caretaker actually had his hands up when he was shot. Overreaction? I'll say!

  • Yes, the police did overreact.

    Yes, the police did overreact in this situation. The caretaker was trying to help an autistic person who was on the street. The caretaker had his hands up and was begging the police not to shoot him, but got shot anyway. Shooting an innocent man who was trying to help someone in need shows poor judgement as well as radical behavior in the presence of no credible threat.

  • Yes, the police overreacted.

    Yes, in this case the police most definitely overreacted. The caretaker was on the ground, with his hands up. He was in conversation with the police, explaining that the autistic man he was caring for just had a toy car in his hands. The police had no right or justification whatsoever to shoot the caretaker. It was wrong on so many levels.

  • I believe the police grossly overreated.

    In light of recent events taking place in various states across the united States, police officers need to be making much more educated and thoughtful decisions in situations like this. How confusion can arise for a caretaker to be perceived as someone dangerous seems utterly shocking, and for a situation like this to escalate to the level of this individual being shot really brings into question the training of these officers and their ability to effectively make appropriate judgement calls in non-threatening situations.

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