Police officer charged with assault avoids prison time with plea deal. Do police officers routinely get by with violating people's rights?

  • Yes, police get away with violating people's rights frequently.

    Yes, police get away with violating peoples rights all of the time. They get away with it because they are too close to the people prosecuting them. Prosecutors and police officers work together to put people in jail and when the cops do something wrong, their friends, the prosecutors, help them by giving them favorable deals. Anytime a cop is charged with anything, a special prosecutor should be appointed to handle the case.

  • Yes, they do.

    Many people consider the police above reproach and without fault. They are considered heros and goodly men and women just because of their badge. But the truth is there are both moral, and immoral police officers and thinking otherwise allows them to get away with many crimes and misdemeanors and get special privilege.

  • We routinely hear about it.

    Yes, it does seem that many police officers have gotten by with violating people's rights lately. It seems we're constantly hearing about rogue officers who take matters into their own hands without following department protocols. However, it's possible that this view is tainted by the fact that there is so much coverage of these acts. As a percentage of all police acts, the bad ones are probably very few.

  • End of Conversation!

    End of Conversation

    They walled in another ghetto today,
    To discourage any inquiring minds,
    To raise, the local real estate values,
    To make, policing their crowds easier,
    Insisting, that its the will of the people!
    And paid the cops to keep all others out,
    Best to kill that one, and burn the ground!
    Then spent another billion, on one election,
    Popular comedians complained its too much!
    The mass media spouting whatever paid more,
    Just act shocked, when ghetto snipers kill cops!
    The gun does all the talking all around the world,
    Just ask the NRA why they want to arm every citizen!
    The billionaire mayor of NYC, arrested 26 reporters,
    To stop them from publicizing the Occupy Movement,
    To stop those without money from ever talking to them,
    When the pigs sprayed great grandma with pepper spray!
    Nobody said boo... Nothing was done... End of conversation!
    Then bankers handed congress a list of everything they wanted.
    Still, half the people insist the government they call evil lie to them,
    While they copyright freedom speech, and start charging by the syllable.

  • Police officers do not get away with violating people's rights

    Police officers do not routinely get away with violating people's rights. There is a lot of press lately, but most police officers are hard working individuals that are trying to protect the public. Some major cities, such as New York, have a civilian task force that monitors complaints and takes action.

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