Politics in schools: Should politics be kept out of classrooms?

  • Teachers can be biased

    I am often fuming at the amount of times politics is mentioned in classrooms. It's None of the teachers business and should be focuses on the lesson at hand and should not be shoving their political views down children's throats. Politics should not be in school unless there is a class where discussing it is necessary.

  • Nobody goes to school to hear biased opinions

    Unless you're taking an explicitly political course, the teacher does not have the right to express his or her political opinions in class. I hate it when any of my teachers start getting preachy about the current political climate. In sixth grade, my math teacher started breaking out into a rant about race, and nobody wanted to hear that, even those who agreed with him. Unless you're taking a political course, any teacher who shares his or her own personal political opinions is Doug something wrong.

  • Yes, politics is not political science.

    It would be good if our young people were taught political science and political history and about how to make wise choices and what goes on behind the scenes. However, no teacher should be bringing up his or her political candidate choices or making the students feel as if they need to think the same way.

  • Politics should be taught in theory.

    Politics need to be taught to some degree. It is important for the students to be taught how our government functions. It is important to learn about the House and the Senate. It is important to understand electoral votes and the two party system. All of this is important to be taught. It becomes wrong when the teachers start telling the students how they should vote. Even telling students to support school levies is an abuse of teacher power. The job of the teacher is to present the information and allow the students to decide for themselves.

  • We Need to Learn

    We, as the future generation, need to be taught politics. Understanding politics is an important part of our lives. If we are not taught how we count or how to even understand it even works, This is why I think we need it. So , well, yeah, we need it.

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