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Eventually we might. Who knows? This poll doesn't set a time limit, so it could be anytime in the future.

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Yes,we will go to war with russia

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No, we will not go to war with Russia

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Fanath says2014-03-20T07:46:44.9085430-05:00
We'd win.
TS-387 says2014-03-20T09:13:25.5483368-05:00
Why is it 'we' when not everyone is american?
Fanath says2014-03-20T15:18:28.8125330-05:00
Who says I'm American? Lol, You attempted to point out that someone didn't include everybody in their sentence and excluded someone XD.
Fanath says2014-03-20T15:18:44.3419696-05:00
It's just saying my country would win. Lol, nice.
namthekid02 says2014-03-24T10:11:55.0825233-05:00
I meant over Crimea
urmom333 says2014-03-24T10:20:33.1598631-05:00
Putin Face
urmom333 says2014-03-24T10:21:34.1011277-05:00
We will go to war with mother russia!

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