• Yes, he could.

    The Pope is right.. Building walls and limitations is contrary to the evolution of mankind, which goes toward more integration, more common interests, less barriers, less petty limitations.
    Communications lead naturally to more globalization.and the understanding that what is common in humanity is more important than the superficial differences and the selfish pursuits of tribes and exclusive groups.

  • He uses the same kind rhetoric

    The words, themes and goals outlined by Mr. Trump ring terrifyingly of Hitler and the rise of the Reich. Even more alarming is that, generally speaking, his most ardent supporters are those with the heaviest personal armories. Mr. Trump has replaced the 'Jewish Menance' with 'Muslim Terrorists'. Instead of annexing Austria and Czechoslovakia, Mr. Trump will isolate Mexico and lay claim to oil from the middle east.

  • Maybe the Pope should quit worrying about Trump, and start worrying about himself.

    This pope has been an embarrassment to the Catholic Church and God. He blames capitalism for poverty while praising an ideology that leads to more poverty than any other form. The pope keeps claiming that mass migration is a beautiful thing while countries like Sweeden, France, The UK, and everywhere in Europe are being destroyed by these migrants that want nothing but the destruction of western civilization.

    The pope critiques building a wall while being surrounded by a wall.

  • Everybody is Hitler apparently!

    Bush was Hitler! Then Obama was Hitler! Now Trump is Hitler! There's going to be leaders you don't agree with and dislike, but wait until they start sending people to concentration camps before you start comparing them to Hitler. Trump is just a loudmouth ignoramus, he's not sneaky or cunning enough to pull off what Hitler did. I doubt Trump is as evil as Hitler is too, even though the two dislike certain groups of people, they are nothing alike.

  • Trump is not the next Hitler.

    I am so over the comparison of Trump & Hitler. It's an exceptionally lazy tactic to align those whom you disagree with, with Nazism. It's intellectually bankrupt to invoke Godwin's law in this way, and unless there is sufficient evidence to state that Trump will be committing mass genocide (which there isn't), this is nothing more than fear-mongering.

    Posted by: Spud
  • Trump is far from Hitler

    As a matter of fact, presidents like Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama are closer to what Hitler was in today's world. Hilter wanted to suppress free speech outright; Obama wanted to suppress anyone who had different opinions labeling them as Hate Crimes. Imagine I'm a Jewish-German in Germany 1942-1945 If I say that "The Nazi Party is Evil" I would get shot or suppressed other ways. But today If I said that "The Black Live Matter movement is evil or the Black panther movement is awful" then I'll be labeled a racist. Bill Clinton also supported extreme control on firearms, yet another trait with Hitler. And don't bring that "But Trump is a racist" rubbish because it isn't true, he only wanted to deport the ILLEGAL and UNDOCUMENTED immigrants only.

  • No, Donald Trump cannot be the next Hilter

    No, Donald Trump cannot be the next Hilter. Donald trump will not be a good president and hopefully he will only be in office for one term. The comparisons to Hitler and other historical figures, however, are an exaggeration. There is not much that Donald Trump can do to ruin the country due to checks and balances.

  • The United States is a nation of law, order and justice and the Pope is off-base and should apologize if he made such remarks.

    The Constitution and system of checks and balances are in no danger from Donald Trump and it is stupid, inflammatory sensationalized headlines like this that thwart progress and cause divisiveness. If the author of this question can read and understand English, he should rephrase the question, or hold off submitting such questions until he finishes his EASL coarse.

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