Presuming Hillary Clinton is elected president, will the comments on her email usage stop?

  • Once victory becomes a fact, scandal and rumor no longer matter

    Presidential campaigns are rife with rumor and speculation. These counterfeit strategies quickly cease being relevant once the candidate is vowed into office. If Clinton is elected president, it will become clear that the focus has got to be on governing the country rather than tackling endless controversy. Trump, who at the moment is her most vicious opponent, will likely have no more political leverage.

  • Once a Liar, Always a Liar

    Opponents will not let this one go. Nor will they let the Benghazi attack go quietly. Wrong is wrong and at least part of the citizens know that being quiet will only lead to more wrong. Being obedient to those who commit wrong will not end well for the country. Germans were loyal to Hitler, following blindly. The USA cannot go down that road.

  • No, email usage will continue to be a point of contention for Hillary Clinton even after elected president.

    No, Hillary Clinton will not be spared hearing from her email usage even after being elected president. It is my belief that this questionable career choice will follow her throughout her life and will not disappear if elected president. The incident with her email usage is an issue that transcends the presidency and forms part of her moral decisions as a person.

  • No, the questions about Hillary Clinton's email use will continue whether she wins the presidency or not.

    No, the questions about Hillary Clinton's emails will not simply disappear if she is elected president. She will continue to face questions from the Republicans, the media and the public. Many people in this country believe that she is dishonest and has gotten away with committing crimes, and they will continue to try to get to the bottom of it.

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