Private company wins U.S. clearance to fly to the moon: Should space travel become more privatized?

  • It will be good

    The NASA space program is a daunting and expensive endeavor so maybe it is better to privatize space travel. It will encourage innovation. There are so many newly wealthy millionaires and billionaires with nothing better to do with their money, some of which have been interested in space travel since they were kids. They can help to move the country in a new direction. This will save the taxpayer tremendously.

  • Yes, space travel should become more privataized.

    Space travel should be privatized. Space exploration and travel is very expensive. Governments strapped for cash can find it difficult to fund such expensive space missions. Therefore, privatizing space travel will open up the opportunity for investors to fund companies that can take passengers into space. Furthermore, these private companies can conduct space exploration and travel much more efficiently than the government.

  • Space travel should be open

    Yes, space travel should and probably will become more privatized. The space industry is much like other areas. The government was highly involved in exploration and discovery. Now that space travel has been studied and tested, it's time for private companies to become involved and for government to take on more of a role as watchdogs.

  • We can't diminish societal objectives for profit goals

    Allowing private companies is not an issue, but removing government programs for private gains is. First man on moon, Mars exploration, experiments and programs aimed at solving societal issues to come, and so on are not profitable, and thus will be greatly diminished.

    GPS , the internet, baby formula, Google (NSF funded algorithm, and so on were developed by government funding and missions without profit being the objective.

    If you look at private objectives, they are fine but not societal in scope. Even our gadgets are made to fail after a predetermined time by companies (iPhone, printers, appliance, etc), which only takes private gains into factor.

    Fine, flying a few passengers into space to take a look is okay, but does that solve any issues or oncoming concerns?

  • Space should not be owned

    I don't feel that space can be owned by private companies. When the governement releases industries towards the private sector, those industries just become a business. People should not be making money off space. Space should become more open towards the public, but that will likely not be achieved through private companies, instead space will be for the rich only. I don't think that the goverment can't work with private companies, but giving them complete control over space isn't the way to go.

  • I'm not sure

    I don't think space travel should be restricted to just government entities, but we don't own space. Even though access to it should be somewhat regulated, it's probably better if it's a cooperative effort among government and private entities. I don't know what the overall effect of privatizing space travel or research would be.

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