Privatizing airport security: Should airport security be privatized?

  • We should go back to a time before the TSA existed

    There was a time in America, not too long ago, when the TSA didn't exist, and we had very few problems. There were people boarding planes with worst intentions before the TSA, have been since, and will continue in the future. Security if fine up to a point. Appointing another bloated government agency to do the same job that was done before, for over twice the cost, is insane!

  • I don't think so

    I believe that the airports should be public not private. I mean what if the president was coming would that be kept private no the whole U.S. would be informed would it not. So that is the way I feel about airport security It should be public not private anymore. Who's with me

  • No, airport security should not be privatized.

    Privatizing is always a bad idea. Private companies have to generate a profit. The government can pay people the same wages as a private company. They can buy the same technologies and implement the same policies. The government does not have to create a profit. This makes them better than the private world.

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