Prohibition of flag burning: Is flag burning an unnecessary means to expressing protestation on an issue?

  • This is the equivalent of desecrating the grave of every person ever to give their life protecting freedom of the soil under their treacherous feet.

    To show such disrespect for the flag our forefathers fought under to give you the freedom to burn the very same publicly as a show of displeasure with a current government is disgraceful and treasonous. The same flag that shrouded their casket, ceremoniously folded and handed to a wife or fatherless child in a show of recognition of their sacrifice they will endure know and in the future by their loved one giving the ultimate sacrifice protecting. Governments are elected and ousted by majority vote and throwing a tantrum when things don't go the minorities way only serves to alienate them further. A true proud patriot can always protest meaningfully without resorting to shock tactics to get attention.

  • Flag burning should be prohibited

    Or any kind of desecration to the flag. Yes the constitution says nothing about flag burning, but it should because men and women died protecting our country and the flag. So I hope every time you see a flag burn you'll feel guilty about siding with the flag burners

    P.S if you really meant what you said, you must hate America

  • No, I can burn the flag.

    Our country provides us with the freedom of speech. Flag burning is a historically part of our country and is allowed by freedom of speech. Anyone who has a problem with it should get on a plane and go to another country. This is an issue of our first amendment.

  • Flag burning should not be prohibited

    People get so caught up on symbolism. I don't understand it. All flags are made in factories. They are cloth. They aren't some special thing that has some sort of magical stuff sewn into them. Women burned bras in a protest, no one claimed they were anti woman because of it. It's just cloth, get over it.

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