Prohibition of school prayer: Does prohibiting school prayer meet the establishment clause?

  • It shoul not

    It should not be allowed in schools because some kids don't all have the same religion

    Allowing prayers in school would be like making a Christian school and putting atheists in it. It is just really really really stupid. I am an atheist I know what I am talking about

  • Prohibiting school prayer is not good for the establishment.

    Obviously, the establishment wants to allow school prayer. They want religious people to have the freedom to express themselves, but progressives think they are pushing a religious agenda. It is better for everyone if we stop disputing the issue. People should just practice their own beliefs in private and not try to push them on other people.

  • School prayer should be allowed but not endorsed

    The establishment clause states that Congress shall make no law which prohibits the free exercise of religion, thus to prohibit prayer in schools, even among groups, does not abide by this clause. Schools should not necessarily support or sanction any religious group, however to ban a reasonable activity, namely prayer, would prohibit free exercise.

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