Promiscuity: Is promiscuity acceptable sexual behavior?

  • Yes, Promiscuity is Acceptable

    I believe promiscuity is an acceptable sexual behavior. In my opinion, I do not care about the sexual behavior of anyone, as long as it does not directly harm me or my family. Each individual has a right to be with who they want to, and with how many people they want. Each of us bases this decision off of religion, family values, life style, morals, sexual needs, etc. Each person values each category differently. Therefore, it is not my right to judge the decision of someone else.

  • Promiscuity is not acceptable.

    With the ever increasing rate of abandoned children and aborted children, promiscuity is an act that should be unacceptable as it has significant affect in these statistics. Promiscuity within the sexual realm can lead to unwise decisions, and also dangerous situations. The behavior of promiscuity invites a male/female demographic that is aggressive and forthright.

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