Proof of quota-driven arrests: Do you think this system needs to be completely overhauled?

  • Yes, yes and yes

    These quotas are the biggest problems of all to the poorer segment of our society. Cops stop them based on minor traffic offenses such as broken taillights, not signaling etc. They can clearly see this person has an older model, sometimes dilapidated car but proceed to give them an exorbitant ticket that they can't pay, which leads to more fines and often times a suspension of their license. It is a vicious cycle of harassment and trampling of someone's constitutional rights.

  • Yes, I think our law enforcement system needs to be completely overhauled.

    Yes, I think our law enforcement system needs to be completely overhauled. The focus of law enforcement agencies in this country should be on protecting and serving rather than on meeting numerical arrest quotas. When agencies instead have numerical goals, it takes away the individual officer's discretion and has a disparate impact on the poor and voiceless.

  • Yes, quota driven arrests have pushed our free society down a slippery slope, and has no place in a society that values its freedoms.

    In a society that places so much value on the liberty and freedoms that are written into its very Constitution, quota driven arrests should be an anathema. The whole idea behind them has very little to do with keeping communities safe, and everything to do with providing revenue on the backs of people who are perhaps already marginalized in some way.

  • Yes quota-driven arrests should no longer happen.

    Quota-driven arrests are completely ridiculous and more often than not results in racial profiling and the huge issue of arresting innocent minorities. Policing is not a for profit business and should be treated as such. These are human beings whose lives are being interrupted or even ended and all for the sake of figures on monthly reports.

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