Prostitution: Is prostitution a legitimate business?

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  • Better than on the streets.

    We should have learned by now prohibition doesn't work only creates crime. And plus have you seen how skimpy girls are dressing? 10 years from now nude will be the new fashion. I'm aware it's illegal now but it shouldn't be. It's not like your forced to partake just because it's legal. And if you and your significant other are against sleeping with others than you could treat as any other form of cheating.

  • Prostitution can operate as a legitimate business

    It's not the most savory occupation, but it will happen one way or another. If it is regulated and taxed like any other business, prostitutes in a regulated business should make more profit and be better protected than those "on the street". If the government requires prostitutes to be licensed and undergo health screenings there would be a lower risk of sexually transmitted diseases and sex workers would be doing their business in a safer environment.

  • Prostitution is the oldest profession

    Prostitution is a legitimate business and is often conducted in a more professional manner than many forms of more traditionally accepted types of every day business. There are obviously people engaging in the prostitution industry that are not representative of the honorable aspects of the business, but that behavior is echoed in other businesses that can be conducted in an unethical manner.

  • World's oldest profession

    Prostitution is not going to go away. Gambling, tobacco, and alcohol are legitimate businesses, why not prostitution? All legitimate business have certain controls placed on them to protect the public and employees. Legal prostitution will reduce crime and disease, providing a safe outlet for consenting adults to exercise their freedoms.

  • Brothel over street corner

    I believe that there should be brothels and people should be able to pay for sexual acts. It is only a little bit further than what strip clubs already do. Plus the government could tax it and raise funds for schools like they do the lottery. Plus it would be easier to protect people against STDS by having paperwork and being able to track the different employees.

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  • Not where it is illegal

    Prostitution is a legitimate business if you are operating where it is legal. If it is illegal in the area how can it be legitimate. People can choose to do with their bodies whatever they want but if they choose to break the law they are going to have to be punished for it.

  • Prostitution is no business.

    Absolutely not is prostitution a legitimate business. In most cases, it is simply a woman, or in rare cases, a man, selling their body to make an income and a decent living. It's illegal for one thing, at least in 49/50 states, so what business could be illegal and be legit?

  • Prostitution is not legitimate, because it is illegal.

    Prostitution is not a legitimate business simply because it is illegal. You can't write it off on your taxes, you can't report the income, and you will be arrested for partaking in it. If it were made legal then it would be as legitimate as anything else that you can do.

  • No, prostitution is not a legitimate business.

    Prostitution is not a legitimate business for a lot of reasons. First it is illegal almost everywhere. Secondly, most prostitutes are poor girls who had an extremely bad upbringing. Prostitution is the taking advantage of these girls that don't know how to survive using normal means. This is not a fair business.

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