Puerto Rico is entirely without electricity due to power plant fire. Should the territory use wind power?

  • Yes, countries in general should have a back up power.

    Any country that has only one source of power is at risk for losing that source or power. If wind power is a viable option for keeping power on, why wouldn't they use it? It also has less of a stamp on the environment than a power plant. Wind power is not only less invasive to the Earth, but it is also more reliable as a back up than having no back up.

  • Everyone should use wind power

    Yes, Puerto Rico should use wind power, and every other source of clean energy that is available. It is amazing to me that more people don't use wind power. It is cheap, clean, and regularly available. I think it would be fantastic for wind energy to be available everywhere, but especially in poor or remote areas.

  • Yes, i believe a renewable energy like wind should be used in Puerto Rico.

    Yes, Puerto Rico would benefit from wind power because it is much safer and environmentally friendly. Since wind turbines are usually built in numbers, the malfunction of one turbine wouldn't affect the population as much as the power plant did when it caught fire. It would also force the country to look into and study renewable energy sources which is possibly how we will be getting our power in the future.

  • Yes, they should.

    If wind power is a viable option it is one way that Puerto Rico can get itself out of this crisis. Not having electricity is a big deal in this modern age and could lead to multiple deaths if the problem is not fixed quickly. Wind power is one possible option.

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