Putin says he doesn't know who hacked US Democratic Party: could Russia be trying to influence the elections?

  • Russia Invades U.S. Election Process, Denies Process

    While publicly denying that Russia hacked the US Democratic Party, Putin has previously endorsed the Trump campaign. Probably a coincidence that Russia was traced as the hacker behind the Democrat Party database. Public denial is standard practice. Deals are made behind doors that John Doe Public will never know about. What's one more diversion from the secrets? Just that a public media touted diversion.

  • Why would they not?

    What makes cyber crime any different then the propaganda of the 1950's-1980's? Just like every other concerned party, the Russian state has a favorite in this election and it is in their best interest to guide the narrative to favor that candidate. The methods may have changed but the reality remains what it has been for the past 100 years.

  • Yes, Russia could be trying to influence the elections

    There seems to be a pattern of hacking from Russia that favors Trump and it is possible that Russia could influence the Presidential election. Our election system and voting procedures are computer based and this could be another vulnerable factor for Russia to disturb. It is obvious that not much goes on in Russia that Putin does not control.

  • Yes, Russia is trying to influence the United States electoral process.

    Russia is definitely involved in the hacking of the Democratic National Committee's servers and Putin has used the information gained in the process to undermine the Democrats in the current election. Putin is a very intelligent and clever leader who would use any means necessary to leverage his country's position in the world.

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