Quebec independence: Should the province of Quebec secede from Canada?

  • It doesn't have the potential - yet.

    Quebec is likely the most corrupted province in Canada. The services are badly managed. It fails to show the rest of the country that it is autonomous. Also, it lacks entrepreneurs and engineers who can make the province more economically independent. However, its potential is enormous - it has its own culture, its small industries, its natural resources and its talent. Its educational system should be revised.

  • The Anglo culture discriminates against Quebec

    For centuries, ever since the seven years war, Quebecers have had their language, culture, and identity suppressed by the Anglophones of Canada. It was just around 50 years ago, when Quebec stood up for herself and threatened to leave until she was able to freely express herself from Anglo Canada. Unfortunately, they have still been suppressed, and I think it's time that they secede and be fully able to have a government that actually speaks their language.

  • As long as we keep the Saint Lawrence

    Also along with keeping our trade way they can leave i have no tolerance for thier hypocritical and corrupt politics . Also if they leave they take the debt that they cost us . They aren't sustainable by themselves so I want them to leave and come back begging to be part of Canada again that will teach them for being seperatist i mean come on think how nice we were we treat you as equals let you have your own language . That's alot better than alot of other conquered nations got . So I say yes because then they might learn thier lesson

  • Quebec rely on the federal government

    Quebec has become an important part in Canadian society. Quebec is not only an important nation in Canada, also it plays a significant role in the domestic economy and development. Besides, Quebec do depend on the federal government. For example, the federal support is a big source of funds to hold its social welfare system.

  • The Quebec independence movement is misguided

    Quebec within Canada is heavily economically supported, more open-minded, and has constitutional protections for its minority groups. A hypothetical republic of Quebec could easily veer into economic stagnation, becoming a close-minded society with even more rigid laws targeting its minorities. Short of a massive change of heart in the independence movement, separation from Canada would likely be a political and cultural leap backwards into irrelevance.

  • Right of Conquest.

    The British Empire defeated the French in the French and Indian War. They took over Canada, and made English the predominant language. Later, in the 1830's the Patriote Rebellion was crushed, and they Quebecois were unable to kick the British out. Quebec was conquered fair and square, and now Canada is a proud, united, commonwealth nation. We can't let them French Canadians secede now.

  • Vital Part of Canadian Culture

    Quebec, though it has several differences from the rest of Canada, is a vital part of the country's culture and commerce. How will Quebec defend itself if there is an invasion? Will Quebec flounder due to less tax revenue coming in from Ottawa? Separating from Canada sounds good in theory, but the logistics of such a move are immense.

  • No Quebec should stay.

    Quebec is a very unique and wonderful part of Canada. Although they are unique in many regards they are a benefit to Canada. They shouldn't secede from Canada because this could hurt Canada in many ways. Montreal is one of the biggest cities in Canada and provides lots of resources and money.

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