RAs tell UMass students Harambe jokes are an "attack" on African Americans. Has the politically correct movement gone too far?

  • Yes, I think so.

    The RAs are wrong, of course: federal sex-equality laws do not prohibit students from telling stupid jokes. But the mere fact that students in a position of authority would cite Title IX as evidence of self-censorship as an official requirement of dormitory life shows how destructive the federal government's guidance on the subject has been.

  • The PC movement has gone too far

    The politically correct movement has gone too far. Students at UMass are being told by their RAs that Harambe jokes are an "attack" on African Americans, which is a case of being too sensitive. There are topics that are off limits because people might be offended. Although certain behavior is wrong, we shouldn't be afraid to discuss certain topics out of fear we might offend.

  • No, the politically correct "movement" has not gone too far.

    No, the politically correct "movement" has not gone too far. The phrase "politically correct" has been used as a pejorative term to dismiss the importance of cultural sensitivity and encouraging diversity. It's used by the ignorant and prejudice to excuse racist, sexist, and all around discriminatory language, behavior and treatment.

  • No, it has not.

    Many of the Harambe memes and jokes are horribly racist. The word attack might be a little hyperbolic, but it certainly gets the point accross to a room full of 18 year old who are likely as not to not believe a word anyone in authority tells them. Most Harambe jokes should be nipped in the bud and discouraged.

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